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BSD Service Awards

The Division of Business Services is proud of its employees, many of whom have given over 40 years of service to the University. Each year, the Division holds an awards celebration to honor the commitment of these individuals. Below is a list of this year's honorees.

BSD Service Award Honorees

Calendar Year 2016

Name Years of Service Department
Barbara Lea-Kruger 15 Business Services
Everton Swaby 15 Computer Connection
Jeffrey Rusling 40 Computer Connection
Michael Ng 20 Information Technology
Dennis Hicks 15 Penn Mail
Angelo Talley 20 Penn Mail
James Kille, Jr. 20 Penn Transit
Liam Gingrow 10 PennCard
Natalie Nuhn 15 Penn Children's Center
Colleen Reardon 25 Purchasing Services
Karen Higgins 30 Purchasing Services
Debbie Schmidt 30 Purchasing Services
Darryl Lourea-Black 15 Morris Arboretum
Jason Lubar 15 Morris Arboretum
Timothy Block 20 Morris Arboretum
Rochelle Dillard 30 Morris Arboretum
Janice McFarlan 30 Morris Arboretum
Paul Meyer 40 Morris Arboretum
Bryan Wilkinson 15 Residential & Hospitality Services
Thomas MacDonald 10 Hospitality Services
Jeffrey Barta 20 Hospitality Services
Pamela Lampitt 35 Hospitality Services
Eugenia Moten 15 Penn Dining
Pamela Bond 20 Penn Dining
Patricia Brown 20 Penn Dining
Rebenia Cesar 20 Penn Dining
Patricia Felder 20 Penn Dining
Alfred Hunter 20 Penn Dining
Charles Johnson 20 Penn Dining
Gwendolyn Rankin 25 Penn Dining
Tisa Scott 25 Penn Dining
Dorothy Bryan 30 Penn Dining
Robert Long 30 Penn Dining
James Davis 45 Penn Dining
Marietta Suber 45 Penn Dining
Ada Lawry 50 Penn Dining